1. To show the areas where your Chapter is doing well.
  2. To show the areas where improvement is needed in your Chapter.
  3. To “stretch” yourself to grow beyond your “comfort zone.” (Don’t think of awards as being “self serving,” but rather as an educational opportunity!)
  4. To gain recognition for the hard work and achievements of the organization.
  5. To gain recognition for the achievements of individuals in the organization.
  6. To serve as an example for others who follow behind to continue to build on.

There are awards at all levels of the National Association of Health Underwriters: National, Regional, State and Local Chapters. Some awards are available on two or more levels (which can be confusing). In 2004, the Indiana State Association of Health Underwriters began a state-wide awards program for State and Local Chapter Awards.

Why do so few associations and individuals apply for the available awards?

  1. The lack of knowledge on the availability of awards.
  2. Confusion over the available awards criteria (the various levels and the fact that some awards could be applied for on several levels).
  3. It takes time! There are applications to complete and documents to be collected and organized. Application can now be submitted either online or in binders.

To help make the awards program easier to understand, a list of awards was created and broken down into available levels.

Publicize the applicable awards to whichever group you are working with and encourage your members to actively participate in the process. (See “Eliminating the Guesswork.”)

We strongly encourage every chapter to pursue the Pacesetter Award. Look at the Awards Criteria, then look at what your chapter is currently doing.

You may be surprised to see how many activities your local chapter is already doing very well. You may also see areas where your chapter is not doing so well, or where there isn’t any activity at all! You now have your “roadmap” to take your chapter to the next level.

Applying for the Pacesetter is a group effort

We have taken the official application form and broken the criteria down into divisions (including documentation suggestions).

At board meetings, we go over the Pacesetter spreadsheet to see where we stand and what still needs to be accomplished.

Each Board chair receives a copy of the criteria for their position so they can see what they need to accomplish during their term. They can see what documentation needs to be collected for inclusion in the submission binder and when that information is due.

The result

Our chapter is growing – in the number of members, the number of people actively involved, in the number of programs and CE classes, the number of program sponsors, and in funds. The added financial gain enables us to subsidize more of our members to attend National, Regional and State meetings – and thus continue to build enthusiasm!

NEIAHU Award Winners

Chapter Member of the Year

2016 – Amber Frey
2015 – Kathy Goffer
2014 – Crystal Michel
2013 – Cindy Trahin
2012 – Barbara Wright

5 Star Award Winners

2016 – Sue Jones and Dotty Wiggin

NEIAHU was awarded the 2014-15 National Small Chapter of the Year

State Legislative Excellence Award

2015 – Dennis Wright

NAHU Distinguished Service Award

2016 – Kathy Goffer


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