Join The Board

Here’s how an extensive “volunteership” can change the trajectory of your career and life

Leadership positions, co-chairs, now open 

NEIAHU’s Board of Directors is about to change. Each year nearly a dozen positions are elected for service with NEIAHU. Traditionally, the President-elect’s role is on a defacto long-term track, with a year as “vice president”, a year as President, and a year as Immediate Past President.

A year goes by fast, and for 2021-2022 NEIAHU is seeking talented individuals to step up and fulfill the responsibilities with 

  • HUPAC Chair — political and engaged
    This individual encourages donations to Health Underwriters PAC, which as we approach the Midterms will be critical in the balance of industry-supporting representatives in Congress.
  • Awards Chair — detailed and thorough
    Each year all HU chapters submit a report laid out by NAHU on the performance of the chapter. This helps raise awareness of members who excel, members who do great work, and the Chapter as a whole compared to others in the state and country.
  • Media Relations Chair — a writer and gifted communicator
    About what it sounds like, this position helps draft press releases and commentary submitted to local and regional media outlets.
  • Hospitality Chairfriendly, and inviting
    Help orient new members into HU, get to know new people, and assist with greeting attendees at local events.

For the first time, we’re also seeking co-chairs for many positions, further lightening the responsibilities and workload of each volunteer. 

Like how an internship jump-starts a young professional’s career, an extensive “volunteership” can be a booster shot to a new job, sales, network, and success.

Everyone — and we do mean everyone — who has served on the board of their local chapter can attest to the quality of the people they met, the work they do, and the 10x increase it provides in their network. A network that comes in handy when you’re ready to move onward and upward to a new job, a new company, or a new career path.

Indiana has grown more NAHU Presidents than Ohio has astronauts, too. Meaning your path to state, regional, and national leadership positions starts with NEIAHU. Not everyone has to move up, but the visibility NAHU provides to the business owners, agents, and professionals serving in national roles is life-changing.To get started, tell us a bit about the roles you’re interested in, or email Justin Reinig at