NEIAHU 5 Year Strategic Plan

NEIAHU’s Five Year Strategic Plan
A significant percentage of licensed agents, brokers, consultants and industry related professionals will be NEIAHU members.

A. Develop and distribute membership marketing and sales tools to all members and industry-related partners.
B. Train NEIAHU chapter leaders in membership marketing.
C. Explore & develop membership marketing opportunities within the health and ancillary products industry through individual agency and insurance company-based membership campaigns.
D. Membership growth rate of 10% annually
E. Maintain Membership retention rate of 90% or higher

Additional/General tasks for this long-term goal:

Conduct industry events of value and content that will attract members
and non-members.

a. Health Insurance Awareness Week
b. General CE programs as part of monthly meetings
c. “Super CE Day”
2. Continue efforts in joining carriers, general agencies, consulting/brokerage firms,
sister associations (i.e. NAIFA) and insurance-related entities to identify and target
for membership promotions and campaigns.

NEIAHU will exceed its members’ expectations

A. Determine the members’ expectations.

1. Conduct mini- and annual membership surveys to hear what members
want and need.
2. Conduct formal NEIAHU board surveys at least once a year to hear
what Board members want and need.

B. Engage more members in association activity.

1. Break projects down into small sections in order to get more
member involvement.
2. Invite new members to assume small tasks at meetings: Greeter at
Registration Tables, introduce speakers, etc.

C. Enhance NEIAHU communications:

1. Constant Contact – make messages quick, targeted & focused.
2. Newsletters – Monthly distribution & formatted for easy printing.
3. Website – Easily accessible & updated with current news.

NEIAHU will be known as a leader in industry and public-policy forums in Northeast Indiana.

A. Increase NEIAHU’s input in regulatory matters by being actively involved with the Indiana State Association’s Legislative Chair & Committee and the ISAHU lobbyist.
B. Increase NEIAHU’s support of state regulatory and legislative activities.
C. Promote and educate members to achieve a “contribution culture” so that at least 30% of NEIAHU members participate in HUPAC (Federal).
D. Promote a “contribution culture” so that at least 30% of NEIAHU members participate in the ISAHU-PAC (Indiana).
E. Participate in existing (or build new) coalitions with outside organizations to promote our Vision.

o Greater Fort Wayne ( formerly Chamber of Commerce)
o NAIFA – Fort Wayne chapter

Reviewed & Updated – 7.22.2015

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