Join NAHU’s Leading Producers Round Table!

“It’s Time to Re-qualify as a LEADER

The new and improved Leading Producers Round Table is here!

You were a qualified member in the past. We took your input and refined LPRT. Two big immediate updates for 2018:

  • The Application: Now simpler. 100% online. You no longer have to provide documentation to prove your level. And it’s now live: Click here to complete it today.
  • Exclusive Event at Capitol Conference: You requested more opportunities for top-tier training and LPRT discussion groups. We’re doing that with our “Healthcare 2020: Think Tank” breakout session at 3:00 p.m. Monday, February 26. It’s open to everyone who qualified for LPRT in 2017 or those who complete their 2018 application before then.

If you’re an LPRT qualifier whose first reaction is to act, then complete the two steps above before reading any more.

NAHU members from all sales backgrounds have a place under LPRT – whether brokers/brokerage management or carrier reps/carrier management.

How and Why Is LPRT Changing?
New changes are coming as a result of input in recent years from LPRT members and not-yet-members.

Simpler Application Process: As mentioned above, this was our number-one request. Also, upon the request of some companies that had multiple qualifiers, we have new levels for Agencies and for Carrier Management.

You’ll no longer need to provide Certification Forms showing the number of lives sold or income earned. Instead, on your application you will certify that your reported production is accurate and that you possess the necessary records to support your level of qualification. All applications are subject to random audit and, if selected, applicants must be able to provide all supporting documents (such as commission statements) that verify the income or production used to meet the qualifications.

New and Different Classes: In the past, the Soaring Eagle Symposium was a day of top-level training, held the day before National Convention. It was open to the top Golden Eagle and Soaring Eagle LPRT levels.

While it always received high ratings from attendees, many LPRT-ers didn’t travel to experience it. We had requests to expand our exposure to other venues to increase the value of membership so we’ve made some changes that knit our programs into a wider range of NAHU events and programs.

We will no longer hold a separate training day called the Soaring Eagle Symposium. Rather, we will hold two separate exclusive training sessions this year (and sponsor another):

  • Capitol Conference LPRT “Healthcare 2020 Think Tank,” which is open to all LPRT qualifiers from 2017 or 2018.
  • National Convention LPRT “Healthcare 2020 Think Tank” – This exclusive session will be during lunch in the middle of the Professional Development Day. We’ll review and discuss custom surveys about what our clients really want. 2018 LPRT members at Golden Eagle and Soaring Eagle levels will be given priority.
  • Sponsored Track: “Brokers Can Make a Real Difference and Get Paid More To Do It!” At NAHU’s Convention, this will be a five-hour guided program open to all attendees. The LPRT program is sponsoring this track, as it is in line with the caliber of speakers and content we tapped for the Soaring Eagle Symposium (and the Platinum Advisory Council).

In case you’re wondering, we’ll still hold the exclusive LPRT Event at National Convention, which is one part recognition, one part networking and 98 parts party. Join us!

We expect these refinements will attract many more people to apply for LPRT status, and that our change in classes will maximize the value of membership for all members. Here’s to helping you prove to your prospects that you’re a Leading Producer!”