NEIAHU marks gold status for 2019


Each year every local Health Underwriter chapter in the country goes through a “chapter certification” process. This includes everything from staffing a board of directors to establishing events throughout the year.

Chapters can be either Silver, Gold, or Platinum depending on the amount of criteria that are satisfied. NAHU announced earlier this month that NEIAHU is Gold. This means we satisfied at least 9 of the 14 criteria established by NAHU.

The satisfied criteria are:

1. Election of a full board of officers
2. Recently created or revised bylaws
3. Established connection with a state PAC
4. Proof of 8 membership events throughout the year
5. Established connection to a registered lobbyist at the State House
6. Formation of a strategic plan with goals and steps for accomplishing those goals
7. 1% net membership increase
8. Current budget showing income and expenses
9. Current directors and officers insurance in force
10. IRS filing for non-profit status active
11. Annual tax filing with the IRS
12. Regular communications to membership